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Welcome to the Landoll Train the Trainer Materials Portal. As a qualified and trained professional, you will have access to training materials that can be used to certify, train and support your forklift safety program.

The training materials are grouped in each section, click the heading to access the materials.

Each item can be downloaded to your local computer by clicking on it and selecting download. The forms are in both .pdf & .docx formats, click on the picture for a .pdf or select the download button for MS Word.

PowerPoint programs download locally in a PPSM format.

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Class Roster

The Class Roster provides attendance records for your training. This is an important document to provide if you have to proove training compliance to OSHA.

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Operator Evaluation

Operator evaluations are a required part of the OSHA 1910.178 guideline.

Regardless of experience, operators must be evaluated before using any P.I.T. in your facility.

Operators must also be evaluated every 3 years.

This form provides an evaluation checklist with basic tasks operators should be able to complete prior to using the lift in your facility.

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Operator Authorization

While the evaluation check list form is acceptable for many companies to prove an operator evaluation has been completed. We provide an authoriztion form that will work well with most HR systems. It shows that the operator received formal training and was evaluated. It also supports multiple lift types.

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Safe Use Acknowledgement

Operating a powered industrial truck has risks. Operators should acknowledge these risks, and that they have been properly trained to handle them.

If they are in a situation that is unsafe or a task is unsafe they should report the situation to their supervisor for review.

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Forklift Incident Report

Most companies already have accident and incident reports. This form is specifically designed to support incidents with forklifts.

While the form contains the standard elements of any incident report, it also provides the necessary documentation for REFRESHER training.

This is a requirement anytime an operator has a near miss, accident or is driving unsafe. This form will document the incident and the retraining as well as corrective action taken or required.

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